BestMixer will strengthen your crypto confidentiality

If you’re hopelessly struggling to achieve absolute confidentiality in your crypto transactions, then BestMixer will show you the right path. The tumbler knows for sure how to mix your digital coins, so no one could ever recognize your identity.

Unbelievable anonymity with BestMixer!

For the last time, many cryptocurrency mixing services have failed to ensure complete anonymity for their users. However, this can’t be said about BestМixer. To ensure the maximum confidentiality of its clients, the tumbler has come up with an advanced pool system that guarantees the complete anonymity of the user’s crypto assets tumbled by the platform.

 crypto currencyThe tumbler features three pools (Beta, Gamma, and Alpha). Each of them serves different user needs while performing the same crucial function: mixing the ID information latent unit of the user’s cryptocurrency. It’s so sad, but crypto assets aren’t anonymous at all despite the common belief that states the opposite. Various government-backed agencies and hackers keep successfully exposing the identities of crypto users. If you entrust your digital coins to, in return you will obtain new digital coins, which are 100% untraceable. Ideally, as a crypto user, you’re bound to have your crypto assets mixed each time you’re going to receive or send them, no matter who’s the sender or receiver.

Government agencies need the justification of a further clampdown on crypto assets. They try to tie digital coins to illegal deeds. If you don’t want to help them to reach their goal, you should stick with this tumbler.

Great advantages of the service

  • Several languages are supported.
  • Use the platform’s so-called “mixing strength meter” to assess the anonymity of other coins.
  • The service is available 24/7.