Session border controller – Good choice for voice firewall

Locked network This something else requirement resulted in the growth of session border controllers.

Made to secure IP voice Traffic in the beginning

A Session Border Controller functions in a similar way to a conventional firewall as it has an inside and an outside. The exterior connects to the untrusted side of the community, while the interior presents a safe traffic flow to internal systems. This specific design feature not only allows for excellent security, but also provides several further possibilities which are presently being exploited, not just in the carrier space, but also in the business environment too.

Voice carrier mediation and aggregation

Many corporate enterprises have Transferred their voice platforms around to IP based telephony systems, and in keeping with this change, voice carriers are currently offering enterprises the choice to peer via IP rather than conventional E1 or T1 circuits. This particularly true in developed countries, where new market entrants are working to make market inroads by providing IP based conclusion bundled in with other IP services. This change presents both a challenge and an opportunity to the business clients. The challenge is that one needs to complete the IP voice support on some new apparatus, as terminating the service right on the inner IPT system would represent a security threat of significant proportions. This particular feature is frequently the one which builds the business case for deployment in the first place and can free an enterprise from carrier lock.

Internet facing SIP relations

Among the benefits of Enterprise IPT voice programs is the ability to connect using an assortment of voice endpoints. This gives the consumer the option of either a conventional style hard phone or even the more mobile soft phone choice. With the increase in worker mobility, many users are now opting for the soft phone and headset rather than the desk bound hard mobile. The advantages to mobile users, and the business in general, still remain however, and a Session Border Controller can be used to publish secure voice access to the World Wide Web to solve this matter. Session Border Controller will function as a security proxy on behalf of their inner IPT platform, securing the connection from the user when they are outside the corporate network, while offering them the ease of use and functionality as though they were located in the network.

Inter-system mediation

It is been said that standards Are such a fantastic idea that everybody should have one of their own. Thus, while SIP and H.323 are based standards now, some inconsistencies do exist between sellers and systems. Again, the Session Border Controller can help here. Since they finish and recreate all links, it is possible for the Session Border Controller to change components of the relationship at the exact same time. Most Session Border Controllers today incorporate some kind of scripting language, allowing the manipulation of the signaling traffic as it moves through the system.